Why CellGuard?

Why invest in a CellGuard solution?


CellGuard is a world leader in custodial care solutions, hosting the most sophisticated microprocessor controlled intercommunication security system today.


We provide a secure, reliable system to all of our clients; supported by a 24/7 on call service network. The system improves communication between inmates and staff with a fully monitored full-duplex audio system.


With a secure vandal-resistant design, self-test intercoms, integral tamper detection and full system integrity monitoring, we ensure increased safety. The added flexibility to integrate with other communication technologies across custodial facilities allows us to provide an end to end communications solution providing real-time updates with improved work flow efficiencies and reduced risk.


Risk Monitoring

For a high level of security and operation, CellGuard intercom offers a number of protective layers including: stainless steel for durability and to prevent against vandalism; fluid resistance; tamper monitoring alerts; self-diagnostic functions, automatic failure notification and security watchdog software to list a few.

Audit Control

CellGuard contains an audit-trail tool with a complete auditable voice, event logging, as well as incident and fault condition reporting on the system that can be reviewed upon demand. The voice audit feature allows for tamper proof recording, and a separate recorded channel for each person on the intercom, helping maintain transparent communication, improve security and illustrate integrity of staff on request.

Increase Safety and Security

To increase safety and security, CellGuard provides full-duplex intercom communication, digital audio, and music filtering ensuring clear audio and monitoring at all times. For further security, the system provides secure doors access control capability, enabling staff to move through the facility safely, preventing the risk of accidentally opening the secure doors.

Integrated System

To protect your investment and ensure a secure environment, CellGuard is designed to interface with the most popular third party systems in the market. Including:

  • Building/Security Management System (BMS / SMS)
  • CCTV
  • Public Address
  • Wired/ Wireless Telephone (WiFi)
  • Access Controlled Telephone (ACTS)
  • Digital /SIP PABX system
  • Prisoner Engagement multimedia system
  • Mobile Phone detection/blocking system
  • Perimeter Protection system
  • Access Control
  • IRF Tag

Site Management

The CellGuard Site Management Platform contains programmable High Level Interface (HLI) protocols that can be administrated via central control or subcontracted to any office. The platform provides real-time updates with improved workflow efficiencies and reduced risks, such as:

  • Call management/call connections
  • Staff arrangement
  • Cells and doors access control
  • Timeout controls
  • Timed and on-demand Self-Test on Intercoms