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CellGuard IP Communication Network

Utilising structured cabling principles for TCP/IP and Ethernet network standards, the CellGuard IP Network can amalgamate into existing and commercial networks. CellGuard systems are future-proof with a high level of backwards capability and legacy support, including 6 and 4 core cabling.

CellGuard Plug and Play intercom stations are designed to reduce installation and maintenance costs and support Power over Ethernet cable over 150 metres.

Our Approach


We customize each project to fit the need of the facility through a comprehensive design assessment to give the best overall solution for your organisation.


Our systems are designed to empower your team with reliable technology, ensuring they receive accurate alerts in real-time, providing them with peace of mind while at work.

Take control

Your organisation is in control with the systems installed, allowing future proofing, constantly improving your business processes and work flow.

Technical support

Our global support network works on the ground with your users and based on their feedback and suggestions we develop new features to continuously improve our solutions.

Easy to use

Our solutions are quick to use and easy to learn for the end user, enabling a high level of user adoption.

Australian Made

CellGuard is proudly Australian owned, designed and manufactured to the highest international standards

A Typical Accommodation Block

CellGuard intercoms are suitable for both cell and door applications. The configuration settings allow individual intercoms or types of intercoms to have different priorities, making them a flexible solution for your facility. The easy to use Officer Station can be programmed to receive calls from any intercom or manually divert calls to other officer stations.

Intercom Panels are installed in cells and at access doors
Officer Stations can direct calls to local control, central control or mobile staff
Wall mounted Duress points allow staff to alert central officer stations
Ceiling monitored PA Speakers are installed in common areas

Key Features of CellGuard

Full duplex

Full duplex capability with two-way audio allowing both parties to speak at the same time

Full audit trail

Audio/speech and calls are recorded and tracked by a full audit trail on the system. Both alarm and call activity are logged as time-stamped entries in secure log files and are available for review upon request

Staff security and integrity

Audio sessions can also be logged and both parties in the conversation are recorded on separate channels. This allows easy identification of “who said what” and helps to maintain and improve the security and integrity of staff

Call configuration and zoning

All calls can be configured by block or zone and assigned to relevant staff members to attend to. The system allows for inter-block connectivity helping increase work flow

Automatic fault detection

Self-test buttons, mics and speakers allow for automatic fault detection and alerts

Call integration

Calls may be integrated from intercoms to officer stations an d internal telephones based on priority level/escalation set by the facility's standard procedure

IRF integration

IRF tag equipment can be integrated for tracking prisoners and staff members for increased safety

Safe door control

Door access control capability allowing staff to move through the facility in safety without risk of opening doors to inmates to access

Reduce costs

With call assignments to blocks and zones, less staff are needed at night helping reduce headcounts and costs

Reduce vandalism

Cells can play background music through the intercoms which reduces the risk of vandalism to devices

Immediate response

Positional attack alarm is installed to help combat disturbances or medical emergencies and get help to a place in the facility immediately

Our Products

We offer a range of products specifically designed for physically and acoustically harsh environments.



We offer database and management software and voice recording software for your CellGuard Prison Communication System. Database and management software performs the task of data logging the CellGuard system. Intercom calls, audio sessions, systems errors are all logged with a time-and-date stamp. These reports can be previewed and then exported for further analysis. Voice recording software logs time-and-date stamped digital voice recordings of all communications on a CellGuard Prison Communication System, providing a comprehensive audit trail and improving the integrity of officers in your facility.

Call Points


The CI-WBD is a specific type of call-point that meets the needs for a simple but effective officer duress system. Once pressed, a high priority duress call will be annunciated at officer stations and other devices. The duress call will only be reset after officers are deployed to assist and are able to physically reset the call-point with a key.



All CellGuard intercoms are manufactured to the mechanical tamper-proof IP65 protection design; this means they can be located anywhere both in accommodation cells and at perimeter access points on other doorways. An intercom call is raised by pressing a simple momentary button and a LED indicator gives reassurance that the call has been registered on the system. The intercom call would result in a full-duplex hands-free conversation with an officer.

Controller Cards


A range of CellGuard controller cards are available to provide specific features to the system. Controller cards are housed in a 19” rack-mount hub, however a smaller surface-mount CI-8A is available for small installations. The primary function of a controller card is to process calls and alarms from 4 or 8 intercoms and pass the alarms to officer station(s); they also route the resulting audio signals to the appropriate intercom(s). Additional features available include door latch control, noise-level alert, multi-channel music and public-address integration.

Controller Card Enclosures


The CellGuard CI-SWITCH and CI-HUB are 19” Rack-Mount (6RU) enclosures used to accommodate controller cards. The CI-SWITCH accommodates up to 9 controller cards giving the ability to support up to 72 intercoms. It can be used in both full-duplex and the older half-duplex systems and connects directly to the CellGuard LAN. The CI-HUB accommodates up to 10 half-duplex controller cards but must be wired to an officer station.

Public Address Points


CellGuard public address points are fitted in areas where cell or door intercoms are not present and are used to reinforce announcements. Locations may include corridor ceilings, or common activity areas. PA points are usually connected to a specific PA-controller card, but they also have the ability to be connected to spare ports on intercom-controllers.

Over Door Points


An over door point is a large multi-cluster LED used to indicate active alarms. Normally located above the accommodation cell door so that officers are aware of active intercom calls. Over door lights are often used as a primary indication of intercom calls in some jurisdictions.

Rack-mounted Controller


CellGuard rack-mounted controllers are used in situations where low-security accommodation blocks may not need an officer-station. The 19” rack-mount MC-4420 accepts intercom calls and system alarms from the controllers and passes them to manned officer station via the CellGuard LAN. The MC-4420 can be thought of as a “dummy” or “virtual” officer-station in that it doesn’t have a display, keyboard, microphone or speaker.

Power Supplies


CellGuard offers power supplies that are specifically designed to provide reliable and battery-backed power to the CellGuard system. They all share the same 19” rack-mount enclosure, however different power ratings are available to suit the number of intercoms installed. Alarm outputs can be used to monitor the PSA status. Individually switched power channels allow power isolation to specific sections of the system.

Police Staff Station


Our staff stations are specifically designed to support the communication requirements in police stations, court house holding cells and other small accommodation facilities. The staff station launches the very first continuous observation-cell monitoring feature which directly improves system supervision and drastically minimises inmate risk.

Officer Station


Our desk or wall-mounted officer stations provide local audio and visual display of calls received from any cell intercom, door intercom or call activation device on a CellGuard Prison Communication System. The officer station has a touch keypad and comes with a boom microphone or optional handset. The station enables staff to call or answer calls, unlock doors, send public announcements, disable intercom points, transfer calls and control music distribution.