Made in Australia CellGuard products are proudly owned, designed and manufactured in Australia


Designed for:


  • Prisons
  • Correctional Centres
  • Remand Centres
  • Detention Centres
  • Police Stations
  • Courthouses
  • Custodial Care Facilities

About CellGuard


CellGuard is proudly Australian owned, designed and manufactured to the highest international standards. We specialise in building intercommunication solutions for the secure facilities industry.


CellGuard is a world leader in custodial care solutions, hosting the most sophisticated microprocessor controlled intercommunication security system today. We provide a secure, reliable system to all of our clients; supported by a 24/7 on call service network. The system improves communication between staff, inmates and visitors with a fully monitored full-duplex audio system. With a secure vandal-resistant design, self-test intercoms, integral tamper detection and full system integrity monitoring, we ensure increased safety and system reliability. The added flexibility to integrate with other communication technologies across the secure facilities industry allows us to provide an end to end communications solution providing real-time updates with improved work flow efficiencies and reduced risk.


CellGuard is the trusted name with over 300 Prison and Police Station Systems installed over 30 years.


How does CellGuard benefit your facility?

Increase Safety & Security

CellGuard ensures inmates and staff safety by providing high quality, reliable, and real-time calls, monitoring and audio, 24/7.

Layers of Protection

To ensure security, CellGuard offers a number of protective layers, including security watchdog for software, self-test failure, redundant server and more.

Future Proof

CellGuard's flexibility and scalability gives clients peace of mind that the system can scale and adapt for future needs.

Improved Efficiency

By improving communication, CellGuard increases workflow efficiencies and maximises staff mobility.

Our Products


We offer a range of products specifically designed for physically and acoustically harsh environments. Our products can improve the safety and security of your facility while offering various services such as monitoring, communication, central control and staff management.

Integration Partners

Our secure communication solutions interface and integrate with industry leading third party systems such as CCTV, Access Control, Telephony, Building and Security Management Systems, providing the end user with a reliable, flexible and seamless intercommunication system.

CellGuard and our Integration Partners have developed High Level Interfaces (HLI) that are fully integrated and configurable to suit the needs of your secure facility to operate, manage and report on all aspects of your system.